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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  December 21, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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traffic and this video of last night's miss universe pageant. steve harvey accidentally names the wrong woman as the winner
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then has to backtrack on live television. >> and they had to take the crown off her head live on the air. >> we want to know what is one of the most imembarrassing moments you've had? use #ktvuthe9 and let us know. >> i may have had a few times i've slipped and fallen on live tv. >> you're live in the field. >> icy conditions, i've definitely slipped for sure. >> i tell them, if i fall, do not follow me to the ground. >> lying on ground bruised and battered. so what's your most embarrassing moment? we'll share these on the air.
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it is raining out there and certainly impacted the morning commute. there were a couple collisions during the 6:00 hour coming up to the toll plaza. we have a couple stalled cars on the bay bridge and that really snarled up things as well trying to get into the city. the traffic has been lighter than usual in many parts of the bay area because it's a holiday week. >> and there are several storm systems moving through the bay area. i think this is the second or third one. it's not over yet. for the latest, go to the weather center with steve. it's looking wet. in fact, it's starting to pick up the rain in the north bay, where it's really coming down now according to reports.
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lesser amounts south, but there's been heavy duty rainfall totals in lake and marin county. there's a lot of moisture that has to work its way through. this is coming down heavy at times and if it lasts long enough, you can get totals like these. very active pattern so if you have to travel, the coldist air doesn't arrive till thursday. until then, a steady rain gives away to a heavy rain. we get a break on wednesday, cold rain christmas eve. did you say we were live?
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>> local girl does good. we talked about favorite restaurants in the south bay. >> many she liked. >> and she weighs like 72 pounds. she's in the ktvu green room right now. >> all that, rain in the bay area, we're trying to cope with in the sierra. 5 inches overnight and it's still coming down now. the national weather service is calling for an additional 5 to 9 inches throughout the day today. snow levels are down to about 4,000 feet, the forecast calling for at least two more rounds of snow heading into christmas day. you can go to our ktvu weather app together live radar and
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weather warnings for your area. much different this year than last year. >> tons of powder up there. >> love it. money in the bank. good to see. >> and more storms on the way. a tragic story we have been following all morning, we expect to learn more information today about the family from gilroy who died in a plane crash over the weekend. >> investigators are at the crash scene right now trying to figure out why the plane went down. >> and we know more about the victims this morning. >> reporter: i do want to mention in the last hour i spoke with a spokesman from the ntsb and they say investigators are back on the ground, looking through the wreckage and expect to have it all picked up by later this morning. as far as the victims in this tragedy, the mercury news is reporting that the victims are
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jason price of gilroy, who was the pilot of the plane, and his wife and three children. they took off in the single engine piper plane on saturday afternoon heading to henderson, nevada, next to las vegas. when the plane was over bakersfield, the pilot started experiencing problems and contacted air traffic control to say there was an emergency. . >> reporter: air traffic control was directing the pilot to the closest airport but there was no response. the crash site was found in the area where the pilot declared
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the emergency and debris was spread for about a half mile throughout an almond orchard in bakersfield. there was light rain in the area at the time but it's not clear if weather was a factor in the crash. the ntsb says the investigation could take months to determine a cause of the crash. we have been asking around here to see if anybody happened to know this pilot but so far nobody did. another story we have been following, a man has been detained in connection with the fake bomb found on board an air france flight over the weekend, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing in kenya. a passenger found what looked like a bomb in the bathroom of the plane. >> everything indicates at this stage that this device is not
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capable of creating an explosion but a card board device and timer that was a false alarm. >> last week and air france flight was diverted to montreal after a bomb threat and there were two other bomb threats on air france flights in november, all following the terror attacks in paris. >> and 6 million people are expected to take to the skies this week alone. >> and everyone wants to know what this means concerning air safety measures. air france appears to have more and more hoaxes and threats. there is a copy cat phenomenon going on? >> i don't know if it's a copy cat but it's unusual for a high
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amount for air france. >> what can you really do if you're traveling this holiday week? everyone wants to know, should you be looking more than usual? how alert can you be before you venture into the problems? >> i would rather err on the side of paranoia than have something happen. for the everyday travelers, a few things they can do to help get through security, no jokes about bombs or guns or anything like that. we saw how seriously the crew there took that device. the tsa do not take kindly to jokes, on the ground or in the air. that's one thing. the second thing, if you see
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something, say something. walk to the ticket agent, gate agent. if you see something suspicious, notify a crew member or airline employee. if you see a tsa representative, notify them as well. >> and do you think in the current climate we're in, have you noticed airlines and security officials are taking concerns from passengers more seriously? >> they are, and they appreciate feedback from passengers. one of the things we don't see as a passenger behind the scenes, airport security, which we all know about. the airport itself has its own security force for the grounds of the airport. the airlines have their own security force as well. everything is being checked behind the scenes. for example, aircraft may need to be checked individually behind the scenes.
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with all that said, they rely on what people visually see, so if something is suspicious, call it out. >> if you had a blank check, what would you add to airport security measures in the u.s.? >> if i had a blank check, i would add more tsa personnel and add the updated bomb detection equipment. not all airports have the latest equipment. it is very costly. but the technology changes quickly, so i would want to update that equipment as soon as possible. >> and getting back to the latest incident, the flight that was heading out, there was an elaborate look alike bomb with a card board and timer on
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it. why do you think someone is doing this, to test the waters to see if they could get away with it? do you think it's just a prank? what do you think is going on? >> i wish i had a definitive answer for you. it could be any and all those things. we have also seen from a safety standpoint, a rise in individuals that think it's funny to point lasers at aircraft, and there's nothing humorous about that at all. one person i head regarding air france said the potential suspect they have may be a retired police officer, which certainly adds more intrigue and drama to the event. >> thank you for joining us. >> you're welcome. thank you. coming up, bay area police departments doing what they can to spread some cheer this holiday season.
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next, the stories of officers going above and beyond the call of duty. stay with us.
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san francisco firefighters gave at least 200 kids a free bike for christmas at the academy arts warehouse. kids won a letter-writing contest to get the bikes. each year firefighters collect thousands of toys for those in need. >> there's a huge need out there, not only for low income
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but working people because toys are so expensive. >> organizers say they received more than a thousand letter this is year and christmas eve there will be another toy drive collecting donations to distribute those to children in need. >> such a great thing. did you know san francisco firefighters are the ones that started all these drives? 66 years ago, they were the first firefighters in the entire country. >> antioch police spreading the holiday spirit. a family had been saving to take the children to disneyland and all the money was stolen. >> so the two responding officers took up a collection and called the victims to the police station to look at mug
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shots. this is what happened next. >> we spread the story with all the other officers in the department and together we were able to raise over $2,000 to send you and your family to disneyland. merry christmas. >> and the mug shots the officers had turned out to be pictures of disney characters. the chief says he's so proud of his officers were going above and beyond. and we have several pictures from other police departments. more than 60 children met with officers here before going to watch the new star wars movie. the chief used his own money to get the children in. >> did you see it? >> i didn't. i was off the grid in west marin, no phone, no internet,
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no nothing. >> and i had tons of shopping to do, so no star wars. >> wow. you saw the film? >> i saw it. thought it was pretty good. it wasn't stellar but i would give it and a or a-plus. go see it, very good. >> many people are. coming up, a shocking scene on the las vegas strip. details on a deadly crash that police say may not have been an accident. >> and curbside donations underway, we'll talk with the program's director about what's needed there.
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welcome back. before 2:00 this morning in the parking lot of club caliente, four people were shot. they were taken to the hospital and expected to be okay. so far no arrests have been made. the investigation continues this morning after a student died at a frat house at uc berkeley over the weekend. police say someone found the 23- year-old man's body saturday morning at the pi kappa phi house and paramedics tried to revive him but were unsuccessful. they are calling the death suspicious and looking into a cause. police are looking for this man. they say early yesterday morning he forced his way into an apartment on beverly drive, where a couple was asleep. a woman woke up to find him standing over them and started
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screaming and the man fled. he's described as a latino man, 20 to 30 years old and may have taken off in a white two-door scion sedan. it's been a wet month already and today officials want residents to prepare for potential flooding. they will be talking later about county resources including sandbag stations and who to call in the case of flood problems. ross? thanks a lot. we are learning more about the woman who drove her car into a crowd of people on the las vegas strip, killing one and
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injuring at least 30 other people. police now say the driver is 20 years old and this morning identified the person who was killed as 32-year-old jessica valenzuela. police don't think it was terrorism but they also don't think it was an accident. the driver has been arrested. >> looked like she wasn't trying to stop the car. she had both hands on the wheel and looking straightforward. there were men running after the vehicle yelling stop, stop. >> a 3-year-old child also in the car was fortunately not hurt. one richmond neighborhood back to normal after people were evacuated yesterday after a pipe bomb was found in a home. the homeowner was arrested and police received a tip that he
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built an explosive device and had made threats toward muslims. officers evacuated several homes as a precaution. the walnut creek police bomb squad was called in here and detonated that device. investigators say it appears he was acting alone here and his verbal threats were not specific. >> just in general, it's kind of a general threat. and you know, as always, we take all these threats very seriously. that's exactly what we did, took tips and ran with it, and this is what they found. >> police searched the rest of the property for other explosives but found nothing. people were allowed to return home about 6:00 last night. we'll follow this all day long to find out what happened there. coming up here, when we return we're going to have some
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fun. you know the reel, the show with five women who are not afraid to keep it real. >> we have one of the hosts here in the house
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welcome back. we are looking at your most
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embarrassing moments this morning. we have some good ones, like popping a button open. >> if it was you, wouldn't you want me to say? >> i've had people not tell me things like when i look crazy with a fake tan and i was radioactive orange. >> got to say something. bat in the cave? got to tell somebody. >> we appreciate your feedback and continue using #ktvuthe9. moving on, san francisco's st. anthony began accepting curbside donations. >> canned goods, warm coats of course. >> and we have barry joining us live with the executive
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director. how you doing? >> great. little wet but this is what it's all about. >> it is a little wet but people's hearts are big. how is the drive going so far? >> doing really well. we started saturday and people have been driving up and they are dropping off. our goal is 500 hams, and we are already at 264. and people are just driving up and dropping things off. we're taking food donations we could use, dry goods, lightly used clothes for the clothing program. it is easy here, a bunch of great volunteers ready to take things and you can stay in the car.
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we'll give you a receipt, whatever it is. lots of great things happening. people are hungry all year round but christmas time is a time of giving, so people step up and help us out. >> your organization is the only organization in san francisco that feeds people 365 days a year. how much do you depend on the generosity of the people for the holiday season to boost maybe what you're not getting in, in se march, april and may? >> that's how it works, that giving that happens at thanksgiving and christmas that allows us to have a brand new dining room and new freezers and fridges so our storage capacity is increased. so we can take what we collect during this time and use it throughout the year. we really depend on the generosity of san francisco. st. anthony's has been around 65 years and we have never taken any government support. it's all about the community stepping up and helping us out.
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>> this year your goal is 500 hams. what happens if you don't reach that goal? is there a possibility there are folks in need who may have to be turned away? >> well, this place has been called the miracle on jones street because we never turn anybody away. when we close the doors of the dining room, if there's anybody loo line, we keep serving. that's the miracle, we never seem to run out. so something's going on there. and the generosity of the community, they always seem to step up. we have never not met one of these goals. so people just seem to dig down deep and help us out, so it's great. >> all right. and of course it is raining but all you have to do is drive up, open the door and hand them the ham. >> you don't have to get out of the car. >> right. thank you very much, barry. try to stay dry. you can drop off donations at
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st. anthony's monday through wednesday 9 to 4 and everyone christmas eve curbside 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. >> also happening today, sacred heart holiday handing out 7200 boxes of food. they will also hand out 18,000 toys for about 6,000 children in need. >> if you have some gently used coats you're no longer using, we'd like to help you pass them onto those in need. still time to donate. you can drop off your coat till january 2nd at donation bins across the area. it is a show known for
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keeping it real. >> and it airs here monday through friday at 11:00 a.m. >> and one of the hosts, jeannie mai is here. you're home for the holidays? >> that's right. >> tell me how often you come back to the bay and what are your plans? >> i'm vietnamese-chinese, so if i want real asian food, i come to the bay. i try to come back at least two to three times a year now but it's never enough. there's nothing like good chinese food in san francisco, waffle and chicken here in oakland. >> what does your holiday table look like? >> pretty much because i married a caucasian man, my mom will put turkey and ham out for him but nobody touches it.
9:36 am
you have a big caldron she's been cooking for three days, like a noodle soup. and we have all this really good vietnamese food. we all eat that really good stuff and freddie sits there and carves the turkey alone. >> you said the bay area defined who you are. >> you don't understand. i watched this growing up. ktvu was everything, that's all we watched. i spoke vietnamese growing up, so i learned english by watching your channels, all the programming you guys have on the air and going through my stomping grounds. my first boyfriend was from san francisco. then i went to school, graduated high school in san jose, went to every west field mall in the valley.
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i know this area so well. it's my home area, you know. >> i know you started off as a makeup artist here. >> that's right. >> and you've been in fashion your entire career. >> yes. >> and you have done miss universe as well, so we have to ask you right now, what did you think of last night? >> so embarrassing. i'm going to tell you something, i've hosted miss universe and steve harvey, i feel for you. you get the card but when you're such in the moment and making eye contact with the camera, the teleprompter is in the back of the room and so when you're reading it and it's scrolling quickly, i'm pretty sure he read the first runner up, then jumped to that and just combined it. i can see it because every time i'm standing there, when you're
9:38 am
ready to award the next recipient, you're seeing already who's coming up. so he jumped to that, not looking at the card. by the way, the man is -- like i couldn't even read it. >> talk about the runner up first, then say here is the winner. >> exactly. but at the same time, like miss colombia, the ladies gracefully took it like a pro. i would have taken my bouquet and chucked it on her head. i would have held on to the crown. i think he handled it so -- as well as he could. it was a humble moment for him. if you look at all the videos, check out the images. he spoke to the ladies afterwards and apologized. i wish this is what we were able to talk about in real life. i miss you right now because
9:39 am
we'd be talking about this situation. all the ladies, we understand what that moment is like. >> let's talk about the reel. have you ever gone home and your husband said, honey, i wish you didn't go there? >> all day. all day. we talk about real things, our husbands, our relationships, things we did in our past. just recently i was talking about how freddie and i get into toenail wars in bed sometimes, and the things mama mai says when she says, you with a white man, you don't understand our people. but what a i love about the success of the show, we don't hold back. we are going through our own lives, mothers and children, single, traveling, discovering yourself. so we women just really embrace who we are and i think that's
9:40 am
what relates to the people. >> and you've been renewed for a second season, so you're coming back. >> what's going to be different? you have to come back with something big. >> the biggest thing, thank you to everybody who tweets and facebooks us because that's so much fun. and we have exciting guests. we had smoky robinson on recently. we are all excited for the holidays to see our families and when we come back, you'll hear all about our lives. >> and the other day i was watching and you were talking about botox tragedies. >> has it worn off yet? i had one brow moving like this. >> you look beautiful. >> thank you. >> you don't need any of that. we want to keep it real here this morning.
9:41 am
we were talking about berkeley. >> you grew up in berkeley. >> right. we were talking about that. what's the first thing you told me? >> it was the first time i hit that ganja. nobody told the little asian girl shopping, somebody was like, try a hit of this? what is it? make you feel real good. well, i want to feel good. so i did. let's just say it's not something that's for me. i walked the wrong direction. >> you're the only one that's ever had that experience in berkeley. keeping it real. >> that's right, because hugs not drugs. i'm just telling you, let's keep it clean here. >> thank you very much. >> enjoy your time in the bay area. want to give a shout out to anyone? >> yes, let me know where to
9:42 am
eat next. >> tell us your memory. >> he wasn't very nice to me. when we slow danced, his eye was checking out everybody else. derrick, you missed out. >> yeah, you did. >> thank you very much, jeannie mai. thank you for joining us. see more coming up monday through friday 11:00 a.m. on the reel. coming up, we'll talk more about the miss universe pageant. pageant. >> reporter: we have found the coolest holiday display in the entire area. we'll show you river otters at play in the snow when we come back.
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with thankful strangers. the neighbor...who shares the season with another. you inspire us to do everything we do... ...for goodness' sake.
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look at this, river otters having christmas play. >> reporter: they are so cute. i have to show you this. look to the right right here. look how adorable they are. they just threw some fish in there because they have been running circles all through the exhibit. this is so unique because now they have snow. we have been watching them for
9:46 am
the past half hour running around and frolicking. mels is here with more. >> today is the first day of winter, the shortest day of the year. so we brought some snow in to give them a chance to experience winter. they come out and slide on their bellies and romp around. a group of river otters is known as a romp and when you see them playing, you'll definitely understand why. >> they are so funny. they jump off the rocks together into the water. they're kind of like teenage boys wrestling or something. >> we have all three of the river otters, all male. they are definitely in their teenage years, full of energy. they will play hard and sleep hard as well. >> this is such a treat for them to have in this display. >> we are doing snow for them
9:47 am
today. we'll also be doing this again on wednesday. if you happen to come down to the aquarium and we don't have snow going, we'll be giving the river otters special holiday treats through the 28th. then if somebody wants to come down, we are located at the water front on pier 39. adults are $22.95 and kids are $13.95. >> reporter: and there are tonsover displays, but this is my favorite. >> these boys definitely steal the show. if you do come down, you'll get to walk into the big long tunnels that are over 350,000 gallons apiece and really see all the wildlife that calls the san francisco bay home, not just the river otters. >> thank you for joining us this morning. you have to admit, they're just like going -- they run around, do all these laps up into the
9:48 am
rocks. it's like they're fighting but they're playing. you could just watch them all day. so cute, you guys. >> they are. i have to ask, there aren't many places that river otters actually live where there's a lot of snow, is there? >> reporter: that's a question for melissa. >> river otters are prevalent throughout the u.s., so they are definitely found in areas where there's snow, up in tahoe and places. snow is definitely part of their natural habitat, so we're excited to bring it into them. there's over a ton of snow in here. literally. my back hurts a little bit. >> reporter: they ran over here now. they run up and down. now they're here. they'll just run over the rocks and jump into the pool. this is quite the life these river otters have. >> looks like fun.
9:49 am
full of energy. >> having a great time. always fun to watch. >> thank you. we have new information on a story we have been talking about, the miss universe pageant that took an awkward turn last night when the host announced the wrong winner. >> colombia! there's -- i have to apologize. the first runner up is colombia. miss universe 2015 is philippines. >> and this is the hard part, miss colombia already wearing the crown, steve harvey takes to the microphone to apologize.
9:50 am
he said he'd read the card incorrectly. >> this is exactly what's on the card. i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. it was on the card. horrible mistake. >> he also said, nobody feels worse about this than me. i'm sure that's true. last year's miss universe has to take the crown from the head of miss colombia and place it on the head of miss philippines. >> how horrible. harvey later said this on twitter:
9:51 am
>> give steve credit. he owned up to it. >> and they were gracious about it. miss philippines was just about speechless backstage. >> it's a very nontraditional crowning. >> yes, isn't it? >> yeah, very 2015. >> very memorable, certainly a tough way to win. now to what miss colombia had to say. >> everything happens for a reason, so i'm happy. i'm happy for all i did for becoming this, so happy. thank you for all, for voting for me. >> we love you! >> miss philippines said she had mixed emotions because she felt bad about miss colombia.
9:52 am
and they get so close, many of them being so talented along with being the most beautiful women in the world. >> i doubt there will be any lasting animosity between the two. i think they understand it was a mistake. now they have a bond. >> and we're all talking about it. coming up, the new emojis being launched by kim kardashian.
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kim kardashian launched her own emoji app featuring several emoticons that are all about her, of course. one shows her pregnant belly, one of her crying, and a few showing her famous body that we can't show you on air. kim announced these the day after she celebrated reaching 55 million instagram followers. >> i think i have about 12. watch out. if you still need holiday gifts, send them today if you can. today is the cut off for priority flat rate packages.
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priority mail express is more expensive but packages may get there by christmas eve. of course it will cost you more. you can also use the click print and ship service. 550million packages will go through the post office this holiday season. >> hopefully folks aren't cutting it that close. >> i hate spending $12 to ship a $10 toy. i won't do it. we have been asking viewers to show us how you're celebrating with your instagram photos. >> these are some that we have received. of course we have been grabbing our favorites using tvuholiday. >> and here are some.
9:57 am
judy, she captured this. so adorable. stocking stuffer. keep those pictures coming. i think i have my own baby pictures that look kind of like that. >> well, if you don't bring that tomorrow, i'll talk to your mother, young man. i love those. >> the photos are so great. they have been so creative. >> and i love having you guys here. you've been a joy. do it again tomorrow? >> sure. >> thank you for joining us. join us back here for the 9 and have a great day. the gets to work by 8:00...ids, and always manages to give them a healthy lunch. the newlyweds seeking out wholesome meals and exciting flavors for their new cookware. the guy who finally decided to kick 35 years of bad snacking habits.
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live from new york city, it's the wendy williams >> i'll give it to you straight. no chaser. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> now, here's wendy. [ applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> yes. back at you. come on. come


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